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RV Life: Road Trips And Tips In A Recreational Vehicle

September 21, 2021 Brian Demo is an RV buff and tells tales of the road and gives tips on vehicles from schoolies to pop-ups and everything in-between. Season 1 Episode 34
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
RV Life: Road Trips And Tips In A Recreational Vehicle
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Brian Demo, a former U.S. Marine helicopter mechanic and now a Master RV Technician, has taken to the RV life -- full time -- along with his wife and daughter. They have spent years traveling from one coast of America to the other in their recreational vehicle.

He tells us what to consider before buying or renting, types of vehicles, expenses,  health and safety, which vehicles are easiest to drive, RV clubs, rallies, and dealing with kids and pets.

We then discuss trips that Brian and his family have taken in the RV, including The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas; Roswell,  and White Sands, New Mexico;  California and Oregon.

Brian hopes to go next to Alaska and the canyons of Utah. And he ends with a special memory.
Brian Demo is a personal RV blogger, RV technician and a JustAnswer expert.  Brian is also a Florida-based, former helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Marines, and a Master RV technician. In addition to working on
JustAnswer, Demo blogs about his family’s own personal RV adventures, and has appeared on  many radio and TV shows as an RV expert.
Podcast host Lea Lane blogs at, has traveled to over 100 countries, written nine books, including Places I Remember, and contributed to guidebooks. She's @lealane on Twitter; Travelea on Insta; on  Facebook, it's Places I Remember by Lea Lane. Website: placesirememberlealane.comPlease follow, rate and review this weekly travel podcast!

Clubs and rallies
What should you consider before renting or buying
Positives and negatives between driving and towing
Class A,B,C and Pop-Tops, Schoolies, Bullets
Expenses, from campgrounds to vehicles
Health and Safety
Easiest to Drive?
Kids and pets
Trips around the country
Special Memories