Places I Remember with Lea Lane

Learning Through Travel: Family Trips, Gap Year, Exchange Programs, International Schools

July 06, 2021 Bob Gogel, CEO of Worldstrides, the foremost student travel facilitator, and student traveler Sabrina Lane, share views from both perspectives. Season 1 Episode 23
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Learning Through Travel: Family Trips, Gap Year, Exchange Programs, International Schools
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 "Life is short and the world is wide. The sooner you start exploring it the better" is a popular quote from Simon Raven. Family trips,  backpacking, gap year, exchange programs, international schools -- all are wonderful for young travelers, say guests Bob Gogel, CEO  of WorldStrides, and student traveler Sabrina Lane.
-- Bob covers the first section of the podcast, explaining why it's important for young people to travel outside of the classroom. "It's all about learnable moments." He describes his own early travels as an exchange student in Nicaragua.
-- When traveling with family, he gives three suggestions, and shares some of his favorite destinations. He discusses exchange programs, backpacking, the gap year and the need for people to start traveling again.
-- Bob ends with his favorite personal memory of
an archeological dig in France.
-- In the second part of the episode, Sabrina Lane describes her young travels with stories of family trips, traveling to Paris with her grandmother, living with a volunteer group in Peru, and plans for her senior year in high school -- in an international school in Bosnia.
-- Sabrina's stories are vivid, and she ends with a memorable tale in the Golan Heights of Israel.
Bob Gogel is  President and CEO of WorldStrides, the global  leader in educational learning and experiential learning. It runs programs in over 100 countries for more than half a million students in over 5,000 schools and universities.
Sabrina Lane will be experiencing her high school senior year and a following gap year at an international school in Bosnia. She's  already traveled  to over 20 countries, through family trips and volunteer experiences. She is an activist for peace and  climate awareness.
Podcast host Lea Lane blogs at, has traveled to over 100 countries, written nine books, including Places I Remember, and contributed to guidebooks. She's @lealane on Twitter; Travelea on Insta; on  Facebook, it's Places I Remember by Lea Lane. Website: placesirememberlealane.comPlease follow, rate and review this weekly travel podcast!

Lea's first trip abroad
Why learning experiences are important
Bob's own exchange program, later move to Paris
"Coolest job in the world"
Family trips
Exchange programs
Budget travel, backpacking
Gap year, survey of parents
Favorite memory
Intro to Sabrina, student traveler
Costa Rica- Off the Grid with Family
Paris with Lea
Fun, volunteering and Machu Picchu
International school in Bosnia
Final memory: The Golan Heights