Places I Remember with Lea Lane

World's Wildest, Weirdest Summer Festivals!

June 08, 2021 Lea shares the oddest, wildest, weirdest summer celebrations on earth. Season 1 Episode 19
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
World's Wildest, Weirdest Summer Festivals!
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Lea takes on the world's weirdest, oddest summer festivals around the world.

-- In the USA, there's underwater music in Key West,  hat contests in Connecticut, and all things Elvis in Memphis.  In Canada, she remembers participating in a noisy celebration of survival.

-- Bayonne, France celebrates Basque culture; and Italians high in the Dolomites swing on hammocks. In Portugal it's the festival of trays, in Austria, body painting, for the Finns it's celebrating beer, and there's baby jumping in Spain. And Romania has a maidens fair for fair maidens.
-- Going east, South Korea has a mudfest, and a watergun festival. Kenya celebrates dromedaries. There's a big Mongolian celebration, and a belly-button Festival in Japan. Sri Lanka adorns its elephants.

-- Blondes have more fun in Latvia, and other kinds of blondes, Golden Retrievers, compete in Scotland.

-- And then there are the throwing, crushing and hauling events -- tomatoes and wine in Spain, grapes in Australia, and girlfriends in Finland!

-- Lea ends with a special memory -- of a duct-tape parade in Ohio!
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