Places I Remember with Lea Lane

Traveling, Jim Crow To Now: With Actor Stephen Bishop And His Mom

June 15, 2021 Together they share candid talk about travel realities. Season 1 Episode 20
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Traveling, Jim Crow To Now: With Actor Stephen Bishop And His Mom
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Between Lezlie Bishop and her son, actor Stephen Bishop, we cover the realities of traveling as a person of color around the world, from the Jim Crow era to the George Floyd reckoning.   

-- Lezlie and Lea remember the indignities of Jim Crow in the U.S. south.  Lezlie tells of when she was the only black student on a field trip to Jackson, Mississippi; and of The Great Migration, and the attitude of black people in the north,  and discrimination in Chicago.
-- Stephen expresses what it sometimes feels like as he travels: "The trees are talking to you  .... "The walls are closing in."
-- Lezlie mentions why she worries more when Stephen travels in the U.S. than when he travels abroad, and describes a run-in with police as he waited at the airport.
--We discuss travel destinations that illuminate the black experience, including the Martin Luther King Historic Site in Atlanta; the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis; the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in D.C.; the Harriet Tubman byway in Maryland; and the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.
-- After a discussion of the value of historic sites in relation to teaching history, Lezlie and Stephen discuss their most vivid memories of traveling while black.
Lezlie Bishop attended Ripon College on academic scholarships.  A teacher and public relations professional,  she retired from AT&T in Atlanta in 2000. Her travels include Mexico and Great Britain, as well as many U.S. states.
Stephen Bishop, a former baseball player and baseball scout, is an actor currently starring in the TV series,
'Run the World.' He has traveled throughout the states and world.
Podcast host Lea Lane blogs at, has traveled to over 100 countries, written nine books, including Places I Remember, and contributed to guidebooks. She's @lealane on Twitter; Travelea on Insta; on  Facebook, it's Places I Remember by Lea Lane. Website: placesirememberlealane.comPlease follow, rate and review this weekly travel podcast!


Jim Crow
Multi-cultural Lezlie
Road trip to Mississippi
Green Book, and Northern perceptions, discrimination
Stephen, traveling around the USA
"Trees are talking to you...."walls closing in."
Lezlie more worried about Stephen when he's in the U.S. then abroad
Problems with police
Destinations to learn about the Black American Experience
Stephen's interpretation of black history
Lezlie's and Stephen's final travel memories