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Cuba, And Pamplona, Spain, In Hemingway's Steps: Part 2 Of Forbes Editor's Travels

May 11, 2021 Randall Lane continues telling tales of famous people and fascinating travel experiences. Season 1 Episode 15
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Cuba, And Pamplona, Spain, In Hemingway's Steps: Part 2 Of Forbes Editor's Travels
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In Part 1's amazing tales, Episode 14, we found out that Randall Lane likes to live on the edge -- from the jungles of Liberia to the deserts of Nevada.  Besides being chief content officer and editor of Forbes, he's my son, and I found out details on the episode that I never knew about.  His motto is "life is to be experienced," and in both his work and play, he would rather do things than regret the things he didn't do.

-- Here, in Part 2,  Episode 15, Randall gives us even more exciting (sometimes harrowing) tales of his adventurous travels -- with a final tale that's unforgettable.

-- He begins by mentioning a few of the famous people he's met along the way in his far-reaching travels to "70 or 80 countries." He mentions Malala, Jane Goodall, and rock stars like Bono from U2 and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

-- But we talk with appreciation about memorable people we've met in our travels that are not famous -- real people. Lea mentions a rural woman in Guatemala who showed her beautiful poems she had written.

-- Randall tells of going to Cuba and meeting the old man who was a model for the fisherman  in Ernest Hemingway's great novella, The Old Man and the Sea. When Rand meets him in the 1990's, the man is 102 years old, but still strong and with some shady things to say about Hemingway.

--  We then talk of doing risky things like eating blowfish, which could poison you.

-- And in keeping with the Hemingway theme, Randall tells of his experience in his 20s when he took the famed right of passage to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. This detailed description is absolutely fascinating -- it puts us all in the action. And even more, it becomes darkly hilarious. You maybe won't believe what happened to Randall -- but it's true.

That's my boy!
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Meeting the fisherman from The Old Man and the Sea
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Running --and running into -- the bulls at Pamplona, Spain