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Italy: 'What's Not to Like?' With Steve Perillo

April 27, 2021 Steve Perillo, third-generation owner of America's biggest tour company to Italy, has traveled to that glorious country over 100 times. Season 1 Episode 13
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Italy: 'What's Not to Like?' With Steve Perillo
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Steve Perillo, a third-generation owner of America's biggest tour company to Italy, figures he's traveled there over a hundred times. Steve brings expertise and humor as he and Lea share glorious travel memories from Milan to Sicily, and offer a charming overview of this blessed travel destination.  What's not to love?

-- Steve talks about Adam Sandler playing him on Saturday Night Live, but goes on to list the myriad qualities that make Italy a just-about-perfect travel destination, and reminds us that it's an ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean. We even talk about a few of Italy's negatives, including the VAT tax.

-- Italy may be compact and easy to get around, but each region offers something special. These include:

-- Milan and the Lake District, including the Galleria, La Scala and The Last Supper in Milan, and the prettiest villages and grand hotels in the Lake District.

-- Venice, with Murano, Burano and the ancient cities of the region, including romantic Padua and Verona.

-- Tuscany, with Florence, Siena, Lucca, fishing villages and Pisa; nearby Umbria, with Assisi and Perugia.

-- Rome, with its ancient wonders and its pasta!

__ The food and beauty of Italy's Amalfi Coast, with Naples, Capri, Sorrento.

--  Sicily, the largest island in the Med, with its special treasures.

-- Steve gives us more basic travel tips about traveling to Italy, and then tells us of his favorite memory, involving a helicopter and an ancient high-rise Tuscan town.
Steve Perillo is the president and owner of Perillo Tours, America’s leading travel company to Italy. A lifelong apprentice to his father, the legendary Mario Perillo who was also known as “Mr. Italy,” Steve represents the third generation of his family’s 75 year-old business.  Steve is also a respected classical composer.
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Adam Sandler played Steve on SNL; traveling to Italy 127 times
Qualities that make Italy so beloved
Cultures are different in each region
VAT tax
Milan and the Lake District
Tuscany, inlcuding Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa and the towns and villages
Umbria, including Assisi and Perugia
Pasta, and the Slow Food Movement
The Amalfi Coast, with Naples, Sorrento, Capri
More general advice
Steve's special memory