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Green Travel Helps Save Our Planet: Eco-Tourism Trips, Tips

April 20, 2021 Florence Quinn, a Public Relations star and an avid eco-tourist, discusses an "earth-crisis." Season 1 Episode 12
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Green Travel Helps Save Our Planet: Eco-Tourism Trips, Tips
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Florence Quinn, a travel and lifestyle public-relations pro, represents numerous destinations and lodgings around the world. She shares with us environmental problems and the best ways  to travel green, in what she  calls the "earth crisis" we're in today.

She  became especially aware of eco-travel when, among 120 million others, she saw a photo of a distressed sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose.

-- Towels in hotels were among the first signs of green travel, and Lea and Florence share eco-centric stories from Miami to Greenland, melting glaciers to forest fires.

-- But there are good signs: Covid has temporarily greened up travel, bringing many of us closer to nature. Hotels are banning plastic straws, and planting sustainable gardens,  Some hotels even provide power from guests working out on gym machines. Wind turbines dot landscapes around the world, the Netherlands has state-of-the-art techology to keep the country from  flooding, and China's solar power has helped turn skies blue.

-- Lea and Florence share personal tips for green travel, including resusables, recycling, supporting local conservationists, carbon-offset, eating local, slow travel, using public travel, animal awareness, local souvenirs, eco-friendly accommodations -- including goats eating grass, "up close to nature."

Florence's favorite eco-memory is of climbing cold and windy Mt. Washington -- carry up, carry back.
Florence Quinn, president of Quinn Public Relations,  is a winner of nearly every award available to PR professionals, including being #25 on Observer’s PR POWER50 list, and a five-star ranking in Forbes America’s Best PR agencies. 
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Climate change/earth crisis
Sea turtle- with a straw in his nose -- new awaresness of plastics
Examples of "earth crisis"
Mitigations of climate change-- Covid
Hotels are going greener- even letting gym guests power electricity
Ways to travel green
Best memory of eco-travel- Mt Washington