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Norway: The 'New North,' Beyond Mountains And Fjords

March 30, 2021 Harald Hansen tells of the art and foodie scene, Northern Lights, and more -- from Oslo to above the Arctic Circle. Season 1 Episode 9
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Norway: The 'New North,' Beyond Mountains And Fjords
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 Harald Hansen, travel expert from Visit Norway, shares his expertise with us from Oslo.

-- He talks of contemporary Norwegian architecture, and lodgings with spectacular views; even igloos where you can see the Northern Lights from your bed.

-- We learn of cruising up the Norwegian coastline, above the Arctic Circle, to Tromso, the "Paris of the North."  You can go dog sledding or on a reindeer safari, and see reflective Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands.

-- Harald tells us  his favorite fjords, near Bergen, and talks of ancient stave churches. He tells us of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Roads,  designed only for cars, combining gorgeous new lodgings, restaurants to complement the scenery, and even special toilets with views!

-- We hear of whales, and an anecdote of polar bears seen very closeup. And of the Sami people in the north; travelers can join tours, celebrating the ancient family culture that revolves around reindeer.

-- Lea remembers the beauty of Oslo's City Hall, and Harald tells of how that capital city has transformed in the last few years; it's now hip and filled with restaurants.

-- We talk of Bergen, with its ancient warehouses, a center of the new "Fjordic cuisine." You can even catch your own seafood.

-- We mention Alesund, the art nouveau town in southern Norway. And of course we end with a favorite memory.  And Harald has a great one.

Harald Hansen,  Media Specialist and Industry Specialist at Visit Norway, lives in Oslo and has been a Norwegian travel specialist  for decades. [email protected],,
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Lodgings with views
Igloos, Northern Lights, above Arctic Circle
Norwegian coastline cruising
Dogsledding, reindeer safaris
Northern Lights in the Loftoten islands
Favorite fjords, near Bergen
Stave churches
18 Norwegian Scenic Roads
Polar bear story
Whale watching
The Sami people and tours
Bergen, and 'fjordic cuisine'
Favorite memory -- a dunking