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New Orleans: Travel Editor/Mardi Gras Queen Tells All

February 16, 2021 Millie Ball loves her city: "There's no place in the world like New Orleans!" Season 1 Episode 2
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
New Orleans: Travel Editor/Mardi Gras Queen Tells All
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Millie Ball, former travel editor at the Times-Picayune, has traveled the world from Antarctica to Easter Island, but is still in love with the city where she was born: "There's no place in the world like New Orleans."

-- Millie first discusses the founding of the Crescent City on a curve of the Mississippi River, the diversity of the population, and the influence of slavery.

-- She shows us the delights of the French Quarter; a "Moon Walk" along the river; and the pleasures of a perfect day in the Garden District, including lunch at Commander's Palace and a strolling among grand mansions and parks.

-- We discuss the world-class World War II National Museum, and other New Orleans museums, parks and gardens.

-- And then, of course, all about Mardi Gras, from the local jargon to the newest tradition -- 'house floats.'

-- We talk of music, including jazz; clubs; and food, of course -- focusing on restaurants that locals love.

-- We end, as we always do, with favorite memories. Lea shares her first solo trip to New Orleans, at 19. And Millie tells us a story of when she was a Mardi Gras Carnival Queen, and what resulted -- the only time in almost 100 years of the tradition!
Millie Ball has won numerous Society of American Travel Writers Foundations’ Lowell Thomas Awards, and writes for publications including the Los Angeles Times.
Podcast host Lea Lane has traveled to over 100 countries, written nine travel books, including
Places I Remember, and contributed to dozens of guidebooks. She's @lealane on Twitter and  blogs at 
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History of New Orleans
What locals call New Orleans
The French Quarter
'Moon Walk,' along the Mississippi
The Garden District's grand houses
A perfect day in the neighborhood
National WWII Museum
Parks, Museums and Gardens
Inside info on Mardi Gras!
House Floats!
Music of New Orleans
Lea and Millie's fave memories of NoLa