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Morocco: Marrakech To Blue City, Sahara To Sea, Roman Ruins To Riads

July 13, 2021 History, food, handiworks, architecture -- Ahmed Toumi, premier Moroccan guide, knows his beautiful North-African country. Season 1 Episode 24
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Morocco: Marrakech To Blue City, Sahara To Sea, Roman Ruins To Riads
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Morocco has all the elements travelers love: historic interests, great cities, friendly people; mild climate, scenic beauty, good food and lodging, and great shopping. Expert guide Ahmed Taoumi leads us through the country.

-- Ahmed tells of the Imperial Cities: Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, with their casbahs. We also discuss the Roman ruins at Volubulus.

-- He talks of cities and the beauty in the Sahara, and of The Blue City in the Rif mountains, a couple of hours from Tangier.

--  We discuss architecture of the medina, the marketplace, and lodgings called riads, once homes to wealthy Moroccan families.

We talk of traditional foods like tagines, which are stews, and sugared-pigeon called bistila. Lea and Ahmed also discuss the wide variety and beauty of Moroccan handiwork.

Ahmed offers us shopping and bargaining tips . He ends with a favorite memory of a boy and a camel.

 Ahmed Toumi has been touring travelers throughout Morocco for over 40 years. Former president of the Guide Association of Tangier, he is currently a private guide. Ahmed's photos  and descriptions of Morocco, are especially beautiful.  Instagram/tour_with_taoumi;  and here on Facebook. .

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Four imperial cities and ancient ruins: Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, Volubulus and Rabat
Chefchouen -The Blue City
Traditional Foods
Shopping and Bargaining
Special Memory of Morocco