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Ireland: Glories, Stories -- And Joe Sings An Irish Ballad!

March 16, 2021 Joe Kearns is blessed with the Irish gift of gab, and love of music Season 1 Episode 7
Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Ireland: Glories, Stories -- And Joe Sings An Irish Ballad!
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Irish singer/songwriter Joe Kearns is blessed with the gift of song and the gift of gab, and generously shares both with us. From his house near Dublin,  he offers witty insights about the culture and pleasures of his beloved Ireland.

-- Find out how to choose the best pubs, and why Dublin’s Trinity College — home of the medieval illustrated Book of Kells -- has a barrel ceiling. We talk of Kilkenny,  a remote monastery in the Skellig Islands,  the Ring of Kerry, and the Irish beauty of castles, lakes, mountains, and even a coral beach.

-- Travel with Joe to the coolest music spot in Dingle,  as we talk of  the Celtic language and chat about colorful towns, a picnic atop the Cliffs of Moher, drinking honey Meade at a medieval banquet, and the pleasures of County Galway, the Wild Atlantic Way, and more. 

-- Coddle and Barmbrack are probably not what you think (they're classic Irish foods), and I add a memory about Baileys on corn flakes. 

-- Joe tells romantic travel stories set under Irish rainbows and "sideways rain."

-- And then, best of all — Joe, a fabulous singer, takes out his guitar and sings a beloved Irish ballad, even using his whistle!
Joe Kearns, now living back home near Dublin, is a world traveler and a gifted singer/songwriter, often accompanied by his wife, Olivia. He loves Ireland, and it shows in his words and music. Facebook page: Instagram: the_old_cabra_schoolhouse
Podcast host Lea Lane has traveled to over 100 countries, written nine travel books, including Places I Remember, and contributed to dozens of guidebooks. She's @lealane on Twitter and  blogs at  Contact her at
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Why you should go to a pub (besides the drinking)
The Book of Kells i
Trinity College Long Room, and why there's a barrel ceiling
Going west to the towns of County Cork, including Kilkenny's music
Ring of Kerry, Skellig Islands
Killarny National Park
Dingle Peninsula, music, character, Irish language everywhere
County Clare - Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle
Medievel castles, coral beach
Rainbows and love of Ireland -- and rainy love
The Wild Atlantic Way -- and Northern Lights
Irish food - and drink, including Baileys on cereal
Joe's Song